Terms of Use of the RestPoint Card


Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By approving and using the program, you agree to be bound by the following terms as outlined below.

1. The card is a personal prepaid, prepaid, prepaid and reloadable card issued by "Dodecanese Services and Commerce Company Ltd".

2. The card is issued in the name of the cardholder and exclusively for his/her personal use, however, the ownership belongs to the "Dodecanese Services and Trade Company Ltd".

3. The card is issued and received by the holder.

4. The card is used for purchases exclusively in "perg-OLA" and "Rest Point" stores.

5. The card is fed with an amount chosen by the cardholder in order to make purchases from "perg-OLA" and "Rest Point" stores.

6. The pre-purchase amount is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

7. The card is also used as a means of overdraft up to the amount of 10€ which must be repaid within 5 days.

8. The recording of points -through the loyalty program from the use of the card- takes place if the card balance is positive (not negative).

9. The loyalty program (discounts, draws, etc.) is formed by the company, which informs the cardholders through its website about the offers of the respective period. 

10. In case of loss, destruction or theft, the cardholder should immediately notify the company to deactivate the card. The balance of the card will be transferred to a new card. The cost of reissuing a new card is 1€.

11. The terms and conditions of the card are posted on the website www.pergola.rpschool.gr in the section "Card Terms and Conditions" and may be changed at any time without any notice.


Your personal data is collected by our company exclusively and only in the context of informing you about your transactions in our stores and sending you informative messages in relation to our products and services.

The maintenance and processing of your personal data is carried out exclusively by our Company or persons acting on its behalf and who are bound for their correct maintenance and processing, in accordance with the terms and rules of Greek law and in particular Law 2472/1997 as amended.

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